The Wash House

Relax, kick back, and let your stylist treat you to the perfect pampering experience. Come on, your hair deserves it.

Each week you heat, style, and add products to your hair. Treat your hair, giving it the help, support, and hydration it needs. At Charm Salon we have the perfect treatment for you to get back your healthy, beautiful hair.

Awapuhi wild ginger hydratriplex treatment

The triple-action technology deeply penetrates to hydrate, bind, and seal the hair with rich moisturizing ingredients.

82% softer, more manageable hair.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger KeraTriplex Treatment

Treat yourself to healthy, shiny hair and take years off in minutes! Repair damage with our revolutionary KeraTriplex Treatment today.

Reduces breakage up to 80%
Improves shine up to 35%
Prevents color fade up to 67%

rare oil intensive hair masque

Add fullness to fine, limp hair–or hydrate and smooth dry, coarse hair with this replenishing, protective formula.

Reduce split ends up to 80%
Improve hair condition up to 80%
Generate more shine up to 80%

lavender mint deep conditioning mask

Take a break from stressful days and frenzied schedules. Lavender is nature’s remedy to sooth frazzled nerves, while mint revitalizes your spirit with a fresh outlook.

Strengthen and hydrate moisture-starved hair.

Your Call

Energy, hydration, strength–give your hair the TLC it craves. Ask your stylist to customize a Wash House experience perfectly suited to your unique style.